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1. Do I have to download any software?
Nope! Loup is web-based and you do not need to download any software to host live streams or videos. Additionally, because we are web-based, your customers don’t have to download anything to participate either.
2. How does Loup collect first-party data?
With our direct integration into your website (either by two lines of javascript or one click with Shopify) all of the customer data captured during participating in a live event or watching a video - for instance commenting, adding a product to their cart or liking a product - happens on your website giving you incredible insight and data to further connect with your customers.
3. How does the AI part of work?
We harness your first party data to power a recommendation engine to show the best videos and live streams and products to your customers, increasing both engagement and conversion.
4. I don’t have anyone to host my events. What should I do?
You don’t have to be an influencer or a trained actor to get in front of the camera! Our customers have found great success by finding a passionate employee - from Customer Service, Marketing or Education departments or even Founders and CEOs! The important thing is to have a connection with your product and brand - and that will resonate with your customers.
5. Do you offer a free trial?
To make sure you are set up on the right foot and have the right integration for your business, a few live meetings with our exceptional Customer Success team to get you onboarded and integrated. Because of this, there is not a free trial available at this time.
6. Sounds Great! How do I get started?
We are so excited to work with you! Please Book a Demo or reach out to to get started.