10 Reasons why Live Events on your website is better than on 3rd Party Sites

10 Reasons why Live Events on your website is better than on 3rd Party Sites

Starting something new can be nerve-racking, but we have ten reasons you should start Live videos on your website instead of with a 3rd party.
May 3, 2023
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We get it. You might be nervous about doing live events on your site instead of the safety of Zoom or social channels.

Spinning up another channel? Where does the content come from? Who is going to host?!? These are valid questions, but we think you will be more open to it after reading our top reasons why on-site live shopping sets you up for success better than 3rd party platforms.

No. 10 - you’re already doing the hard part

If you are making videos for social channels - YouTube, TikTok, Instagram or Facebook, chances are that content could be picked up and moved directly to your site. With our shoppable videos feature, you can use prerecorded social content to turn your website into an interactive, video-driven space where customers can converse, learn, and purchase directly from the video interface.

No. 9 - Broadcast with influencers or direct to your own social channels

You don’t have to pick going live on social OR your website, you can do both — simultaneously! By broadcasting from your website to top performing social channels, you’re augmenting your existing social strategy.

Think about it this way - instead of being on just Instagram and telling people to pop over to your site to purchase, you are already live on your site, inviting watchers from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more to join you on your site - where the products you are featuring are on the same page and the path to purchase is only one click away.

No. 8 - Build Community on your site

Instead of hosting information or thought leadership sessions on Zoom, use onsite live events to turn your site into a community space where customers can congregate, and learn together. Plus after your event, live videos remain on your website as evergreen content that continues to support discovery and learning.

No. 7 - Bring your whole brand to the website

Brands who use video are seen as more authentic and are better able to connect with their audience, yet we tend to see brands focus their video content on social sites. Bring that playful, authentic, real side of your brand directly to your website. Out with the static, in with the interactive!

No. 6 - Offer One on One shopping

Offering one-to-one consultations can compliment your event strategy and is not easily offered or managed by third parties. One of our personal technology customers has live events multiple times a week and offers 1:1 consultations on their events page if the group topic is not what their customers are looking for.

No. 5 - A Branded Self-Contained experience

On third party sites, you do not have much control over what is shown around your content. Hard to say where your videos or posts land in feeds or what recommended video will come up next. When live events are on your site, you get to own the entire experience - landing page, branded images, fonts and iconography, videos are recommended after the event (!!), and pre and post-event emails are all aligned with the brand you have worked so hard to build.

No. 4 - Accelerated path to purchase

How many of your customers drop from your social Live when asked to purchase on your website? Then again when they are prompted to login to complete their purchase? With events on your site, the login taken care of during the RSVP or when shoppers want to add directly to their cart from the page. We have seen a 200+% conversion rate after watching a Live or a video. It's easier than calling into QVC.

No. 3 - SEO

Each video or live event has a dedicated page that is a part of your website - complete with branding - and lives on after your event is complete. Your video and Live pages will start to rank for relevant searches once they are indexed by search engines. And while social pages often rank for the brand name searches, these pages will rank for the relevant keywords supporting the content.

No. 2 - Conversion Metrics/Analytics

With social you will get top of funnel metrics and fuzz, and last-touch attribution. By hosting directly on your site you’ll get definitive statistics you can take to leadership to show the direct impact to revenue. RSVPs and pageviews of course but also average order value, top performing host and co-host, revenue breakdown by promotion channel, lists of viewers - live and recorded - for future outreach, new vs existing user and more.

No. 1 - First Party Data

When users are engaging directly with your brand on your site, you don’t have to be nervous about cookies going away or increasing customer privacy standards. All the customer relationship (and the data) is yours, not facilitated by a third party. You even have opportunities to mine zero-party data when customers engage and share information on Event Chats or in one-to-one shopping events — a great opportunity to surprise and delight your customers and build brand loyalty and repeat business.

What resonated most with you? Ready to get started?

Loup Team

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