3 Reasons why you should get started with Live Shopping Today

3 Reasons why you should get started with Live Shopping Today

Live shopping has taken China by storm and it isn’t a matter of IF this takes hold with US consumers, but how QUICKLY it will.
May 3, 2023
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TikTok and Instagram Reels and Stories have catapulted video to the forefront of our media consumption and while you can build a video strategy around the tried and true sites, you might want to think about how to create and host those videos for your customers in a different way. In addition to social platforms, what if it was on your website? Instead of only watching, what if your customers could make purchases directly with you during your events?

Live shopping has taken China by storm and the wave is building in the US, Forbes is projecting the current trajectory to hit $57 Billion in 2025. It isn’t a matter of IF this takes hold with US consumers, but HOW QUICKLY it will. So the question is, when are you going to join in? If you need some talking points to get the internal discussion going, bring these reasons why you should get started with your team, get everyone on the same page and get going!

1 - Authenticity of your brand

Similarly to having an in-store event, a Live Shopping event breaks down the digital wall to connect directly with your customers wherever you - or they - are. Pull from your existing pool of incredible, passionate employees to share what they love best about your products and let customers buy those products directly from the page. If you have an influencer or spokesperson partnership, invite them to host Live events on your site instead of social channels - just like having a pop-up … without the cleanup.

2 - Loyalty of your customers

Give your customers something more than a card. Live Shopping allows you to go beyond the transaction to connect with your customers face to face - with Live 1:1 Shopping - or Face to Chat with one-to-many live events engaging customers in real time and inspiring loyalty and repeat business. Yes, with your first party data, you can still track and reward their purchases through your existing program and you can build on their transactional loyalty by creating stronger human connection with Live Shopping.

3 - Insight into your effort

In the land of digital events, you are hard--pressed to drive direct, attributable revenue to Social Lives or YouTube likes, but with Live Events on your site, you can see directly how many sales, which products are most popular and what promotional channels are driving the most engagement and revenue. Dare we say, you can see a Return on your Efforts instead of fuzzy math linking your social video efforts to your bottom line.

If you are doing any sort of live social, you are already on your way, so what are you waiting for?

Loup Team

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