How to Drive Traffic to Your Live Events

How to Drive Traffic to Your Live Events

We share three ways you can maximize attendance to your next live event.
May 2, 2023
3 min

So you’ve got a brilliant idea for a live event. You’ve chosen the optimal place and time, the right influencer personality, and you’ve planned engaging content to the tee. So far, so good!

Now all that’s left is convincing customers to attend the live event – easy right?


To make it simple, think about event marketing in 3 distinct stages:

1. Before the Live Event
2. During the Live Event
3. After the Live Event

Each distinct stage requires different tactics for driving traffic to events so whether you’re looking to get more RSVPs pre-event, more live viewers during the event, or more post live replays after the event, we’ve got you covered!

1 - Before the Event

Send out RSVP Invitation Emails

A tried a true method that delivers results, time and time again – it’s email! Pull out your email lists, and get typing. Send out hundreds or even thousands of RSVP invitation emails to potential attendees with an interesting graphic, short blurb, and a call to action to RSVP directly from the Social Chat platform.

Bonus tip: integrate with Klaviyo for even greater email customization

Post on Socials using Sharable Links

Posting on social media can be a powerful way to spread the word about your upcoming event. Grab the attention of your followers by creating eye-catching event graphics, and ensure a link to the RSVP page is easily accessible to reduce friction. When posting, use Social Chat’s sharable links feature which lets you easily track RSVP conversions and attribution of your social campaigns.

Enable Website Pop ups

Enabling a website pop up banner can be an effective way to convert already existing site traffic to RSVPs, and can help increase attendance. Pop-up banners present to customers as the graphic chosen for your next upcoming live event and appear when customers' mouse exits the window on desktop or after 15 seconds on mobile. Through the Social Chat platform, you can easily enable a pop up with a single click of a button and track RSVP conversion with our analytics offering.

Enable Small Banners

A small banner refers to a clickable banner in the bottom left of the website that redirects customers to your next upcoming event. Small banners are another great way to convert site traffic to RSVPs, and can help increase attendance of your events.

2 - During the Live Event

Simultaneously Stream to All Socials

Using Social Chat’s multistreaming feature, you can simultaneously stream on your website and social platforms to increase reach. Remember, you’re not just limited to your brand’s social network–any influencer invited to run a live event can also stream to their socials at the same time, which allows you to reach new customers.  Encourage social viewers to make the jump to your website during the stream by offering exclusive discount codes and real-time chat functionality to ask specific questions they have.

3 – After the Live Event

Add Live Events to Product Pages with Product Banners

Product banners are clickable modules embedded into product pages that link customers to virtual events. Adding relevant events directly into product pages makes events more visible and accessible to customers, and results in deeper engagement with your events. Ultimately, by embedding events directly into customers' purchase experience you’ll increase the number of viewers, and as a bonus drive customer education!

Grant Shapiro

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