Founders Chat Recap: When Plans Pivot

Founders Chat Recap: When Plans Pivot

Macro and micro factors force marketing practitioners and leaders to constantly adjust their plans - it is one of our favorite things about marketing! - and this year has already thrown plenty of adjustments our way.
May 3, 2023
2 minutes

In this month’s Founder’s Chat, Frost Li and Jamie Plankenhorn talked about strategies and tactics to help you and your team move forward when it feels like the floor will give way with each step.

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The TL/DL (too long, didn’t listen):

  • Using your social network beyond offers of intros or resume review (which is still great and super helpful!)
  • Don’t just strongarm your way through original KPIs - focus on most impactful projects and be able to measure your successes
  • You don’t have to be an executive to have an executive dashboard - think about the high-level KPIs that move the needle for your team
  • Deep diving into the data can give you a new insight into other issues - like bigger changes in the company that might be impacting your regular playbook
  • Keep your website/app as the base of your content and fan out your content across marketing channels to bring people back to your home base
  • Don’t overlook the most stable marketing channel
  • Frost shares her thoughts on ChatGPT

Plus during the Q&A, Jamie and Frost share their tips for additional ways to improve website conversions.

This is the best website ever

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