Bring the human connection of your retail stores to your website
Tell your brand story with online live events that have the potential to reach an endless number of website visitors.
Digital Live Streams
in action
Product Demonstration or Education 
Invite customers to your site to educate them on new ways to use your products, to celebrate product launches or to brag about that Spring collection.Customer can shop from the video and add items directly to their cart for a seamless checkout experience or ask questions in real-time via the interactive chat. Past events continue to educate and engage your audience, driving long-tail revenue and customer satisfaction.
Affiliate or Influencer marketing 
Invite Affiliates, influencers or other guests - and their audiences - directly onto your site. Guest Connect directly with multiple YouTube or Facebook accounts and go live from your websites across brand and affiliate preferred social channels simultaneously bringing an active and engaged audience directly to your site. Use Custom Links to track event promotion from RSPV through purchase to see who and what channel is most effective for your audience.
Grow your Website traffic
Viewers from social channels need to login to your website to purchase, add to cart or chat with the host.These high-intent actions are great for retargeting and building a lasting relationship with customers.As a bonus, once registered, they are picked up in onboarding series and regular marketing programs already in progress. 
Key Features

Unlimited scale

Unlimited scalability for simultaneous viewers

SEO benefits

Each event has its own unique page and lives in perpetuity on your website - driving SEO and Revenue to your site

Custom stream duration

Event length can be as short and sweet or long and in depth as you would like

No software download for you or your customers

Web-based integration means you and your customers can join events without the need for a software download

Multi-host support

Cohosts help capture new website visitors. Partner with affiliates or influencers and go live directly from your site

Stream promotion included

Out-of-the box promotion channels like banners, popups, emails and custom links drive audiences to upcoming events and help you see which channel is worth doubling down on

Broadcast to your Best Social Channels

Go live on your website and broadcast to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram*, TikTok* and more - simultaneously

Stream Analytics

Robust analytics break out engagement during the live event and also over the lifetime of the event on your website

1st-party data

First-party data being hosted on your site means you don’t have to worry about cookies or third party app bans. Your customers, your data
Integration & Setup
  • One-time Loup Integration: Two lines of javascript and API setup or a direct integration to Shopify is all it takes to loup your website in with live events.

  • Our native promotion tools help you drive traffic to your events through your favorite social channels, email newsletters or with banners and pop-ups directly on your website. 

  • When it is show-time loup your social audience into the conversation by broadcasting live across your top performing social channels simultaneously. Invite those audiences to come to the website where they can interact with the host in real time via chat and audience polls. 

  • Celebrate customers adding products to their cart and encourage final checkout with coupon codes unique to your event. 

  • After your event has wrapped, check out your Live Event stats and watch revenue roll in over the next 7 days as customers continue to watch the video and purchase products. 

* Broadcasting to Instagram and TikTok is dependent on profile access.

Other Features


Allow out-of-the-box features like small banner, PDP integration and exit-intent based banners drive awareness and engagement across all your website visitors. Additional features including custom promotion links and post-event recommendations and direct integration with Klaviyo give your events the spotlight they deserve.
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If a video on a third party site generates revenue do you know? Capture and attribute the hard-earned revenue from your videos and events with our robust suite of analytics. Screenshot graphs for a quick report or download files for deeper analysis.
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Shoppable Video

Don’t start from scratch. Leverage all your social videos - from YouTube, Facebook, TikTok or Instagram and make them shoppable by adding them to your website.
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