Individual consultations with a personal shopper
Sometimes social shopping with a group just isn’t the right fit. With one-on-one consultations, customers and hosts can both see each other in a private session. Hosts have the ability to dynamically display products that best fit the customer need and even add them directly to customer carts for ease of use.
Online Personal Shopper
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Post-purchase Support
Allow customers to schedule a time or chat with an available representative now. Answer questions about recent purchases, upsell on additional products or resolve issues.
Consultative selling
Picking the perfect foundation for your skin tone is hard to do with a quiz or over chat. Advise customers who might be considering multiple purchase options about the best solution for them face-to-face. Dynamically call up products from your catalog to discuss. Build trust, educate customers and increase conversion with the ability to add products to shopping carts for even speedier checkout.
White-glove service
Get unprecedented access to your customers by meeting them when they want and where they are. Let them drive the conversation or have outlined talking points for hosts to guide the interaction.
Key Features

Integrated booking system

Book consultations directly on your website with the click of a button through the scheduling page

Calendar integration

Appointments are automatically synced to host and customer calendars so you never miss an appointment

Hosted on your website

no 3rd party platform or software download for you to meet directly with your customers

Dynamically display products

Call up products from the catalog on demand so your customers only see what is applicable to them

Direct Shopping Cart Integration

Hosts have the ability to add products directly to their customer’s cart - making conversion and checkout even easier


Let you see revenue from individual sessions as well as from hosts or types of sessions as a whole

Capture customer information

Support Chat or call centers do not always capture customer information. With one-on-one events, you capture email address every time

Build customer loyalty

Make authentic connections with customers that drive loyalty and lifetime value

Chat for sharing links

Customers share and receive reference links via the chat feature
Integration & Setup
  • One-time Loup Integration of two lines of javascript and API setup or a direct integration to Shopify is all it takes to loup your website in with one-to-one shopping.
  • Integrate up to 10 calendars for people to select a specific person to meet with. Hosts control the times they are available and the duration of meetings allowing for ultimate flexibility and integration into your schedule. 
  • Use unique promotion links to determine where the majority of your one-on-one bookings are coming from. 
  • Native email reminders make sure customers arrive on time. Login requirements ensure you are capturing the high-intent customers for additional nurturing and retargeting. 
  • After your event has wrapped, while your customer is checking out and perusing recommended videos, Check out your Live Event stats and watch revenue roll in over the next 7 days as customers finalize their cart and continue to purchase products.
Other Features


Allow out-of-the-box features like small banner, PDP integration and exit-intent based banners drive awareness and engagement across all your website visitors. Additional features including custom promotion links and post-event recommendations and direct integration with Klaviyo give your events the spotlight they deserve.
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If a video on a third party site generates revenue do you know? Capture and attribute the hard-earned revenue from your videos and events with our robust suite of analytics. Screenshot graphs for a quick report or download files for deeper analysis.
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Shoppable Video

Don’t start from scratch. Leverage all your social videos - from YouTube, Facebook, TikTok or Instagram and make them shoppable by adding them to your website.
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