Case Study
22% Purchase Rate
18% Email CTR

Learn how Hairstory is using live shopping to educate, drive sales and create a new channel for B2B2C engagement and real-time interactive customer experiences for its consumers and hairdresser resellers.

The Challenge

Hairstory wanted to reach the next stage of its growth by reaching more hairdressers and engaging with its customers in a way that delivered better scale, conversion, and higher purchases, in a way that is both interactive and social. Hairstory tried Zoom, Instagram live, and Tiktok but the engagement and sales did not meet their expectations.

The Solution

Loup enables Hairstory to fully leverage its unique B2B2C business model in creating a two-way interactive commerce channel that can engage and attract new hairdressers, educate and drive sales, all wrapped in a state-of-art platform white-label embedded in Hairstory’s website.

Loup delivered a much higher commitment and conversion than TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram
Eli Halliwell, CEO & Founder of Hairstory
The Strategy and Results

Hairstory embeds the social experiences directly on their website via Loup. The Loup platform is entirely white-labeled, designed and customized to ensure it matches Hairstory’s branding. Users simply click on the ‘events’ tab to view and RSVP to live events without having to ever leave the website. After users RSVP, they start getting Hairstory’s onboarding emails to learn more about the products.

Hairstory shares the live streaming events via their website banners and social media presence. The brand also hosts events with hairdressers/influencers to drive users to RSVP on their social media and mailing list. Loup measures the effectiveness of each campaign and reports detailed analytics.

Some of the events are designed for hairdressers and encourage them to start carrying the products. With successful hairdressers sharing their wonderful experiences, the brand was able to get many new hairdressers to try their affiliate program, and convinced the existing affiliates to order more products. The content generated via the events then becomes fully re-usable by Hairstory in future campaigns as well.