Case Study
266% Higher
Purchase Rate
264% Higher
302% Higher

When HTC VIVE launched its new tentpole product, VIVE Flow, it partnered with Loup to help drive engagement, sales, and conversations around the different uses of the VIVE Flow headset for health, mindfulness, gaming, and the Metaverse.

The Challenge

VR and the Metaverse are challenging to understand and to market. Effectively communicating the benefits of the technology across different genres and uses is even more difficult. Women have not traditionally been a target audience for early adopter technologies such as VR. Tech products also have a relatively high price point.

The Solution

As a leader in delivering innovative products and solutions that aim to make life better, VIVE Flow is HTC’s tentpole product that aims to expand VR from traditional gaming into health, wellness, and mindfulness. HTC leveraged Loup’s live shopping solution to showcase the ease, portability, and immersive functionality of its product. HTC believes that “Serenity happens when our senses are free to explore. See, feel and play to your heart’s delight.” Through multi-weekly live shopping, streaming events, HTC was able to communicate this message, delivering value to both existing customers who bought VIVE Flow as well as attracting new ones.

I love that Loup can enable HTC to interact with our customers in real time
Cher Wang, Chairwoman and CEO of HTC
The Strategy and Results

HTC utilizes ’s quality HD live streams to showcase the versatility of VIVE Flow’s features and robust VR graphics. The on-site interactive video shopping function allows users to ask questions and learn about the product. The live events have helped build brand loyalty as viewers watch and participate in multiple events, in addition to gaining new customers. As a result, VIVE sees 264% higher AOV with 302% higher email CTR; the purchase rate is 266% higher than their usual traffic.