You might not think about SEO while planning your live shopping content but hosting events on your own site can benefit your existing SEO strategy.

Jamie Plankenhorn
5 min read

At its core, the goal of Search Engine Optimization is all about improving the quality and quantity of visitors to your website. Similarly, hosting live events and shoppable videos on your website is about attracting, engaging and converting visitors into customers. Even though it might not seem intuitive to think about SEO while developing your live and video-based shopping content, hosting events and videos on your own site can align with your existing SEO strategy and provide numerous benefits.

Individual pages

While you have your Event landing page that has all your events - both past and upcoming - on a single page, each event you create has its own dedicated page serving all stages of the event lifecycle:

  • Before the event: the page is focused on collecting RSVPs for the event
  • While you are streaming live: the event is hosted on that page
  • Post-live event: the page serves as the canonical location for that event, preserving chats and featuring shoppable products on the page directly.

As your overall program grows, you have engaging pages that act as entry points to your website with unique content that both customers and website crawlers will discover and enjoy.

Shoppable videos also benefit from individual pages. Not only do you have a Video landing page, each video shopping experience has its own individual page - similar to Post-live events.

Unique content

Much like each event, each event (and video!) description is unique! Even if you have a recurring theme for your live events and videos (Founders Chat, Happy Hour, AMAs etc), the products featured and questions answered are specific to that event. It's important to update the description of each live event and video to reflect the specific products that will be featured - and questions that were answered - rather than using the same default description for all. This will prevent search engines from penalizing you for having multiple pages with identical content. Make sure to include your products and keywords in your description that will help customers find the information they are searching for faster and even help them discover new content. Search engines will love how sticky your content is and reward you with more traffic from increased rankings.

Link building

The Events page is created as the landing page for all your events. It is automatically linked to all other pages on your website through the top and footer navigation, which is inherited from your website template. For each individual event page, not only is there a link back to your event landing page, there are also links to the products pages and a link to add the product to your cart for each featured product. For example, if you feature 5-10 products, you will have 11-21 links just on that events page into various places on your website. This not only gives your customers different paths deeper into your website, inspiring them to visit more pages and discover more products, it does the same thing for site crawlers. Video shopping works in the exact same way. There is a dedicated landing page for all your videos as well as unique pages for each video linking back to products and deeper into your website.

In hosting events and shoppable videos on your own website, you are driving visitors - via owned and earned channels - back to your own domain instead of to third party sites such as YouTube, Vimeo or social channels. When planning live events and leveraging videos, the content, products and audience are the rightful focus of your attention. The ripple-effect benefits of hosting those events and videos on your own site vs a third party platform should be taken into consideration in your overall marketing strategy.

How Loup supports your SEO

We would be remiss if we didn't share the ways that the Loup platform makes all of this super easy. After your initial setup, the linking and individual page creation all happens automatically as you create and host live events and leverage your existing videos directly on your site. The unique content is all up to you! If you need help, we have marketing mavens who are here to support your event and video strategy needs. We are here whenever you are ready to connect.