Video shopping is a rapidly growing trend that is changing the way people shop. By 2023, the video shopping market is projected to reach $50 billion. Loup is a video shopping platform that makes it easy for businesses to create and manage video shopping experiences. Loup can help businesses increase sales, improve customer experience, and increase brand awareness.

Jamie Plankenhorn
5 min read

Video shopping is taking over! Businesses from all over the world, from social media platforms to marketplaces to renowned retailers, are investing heavily in this new and exciting way to shop. With video shopping, customers can see and interact with products in a way that was previously reserved for brick and mortar storefronts. This digital direct-connect is leading to a surge in sales and a new era of retail. In fact, CNBC recently did a segment featuring Coresight Research data that highlighted video shopping is projected to reach $50 billion by the end of 2023. Fear not if your product and marketing teams don’t have the bandwidth to implement videos shopping mid-year. That's where Loup comes in. In this article, we'll delve into how Loup works and explore its easy-to-use features that offer scalable solutions for businesses of any size.

How Loup Works:
  • Simplifying E-commerce Integration: No complicated setups or technical headaches. Loup effortlessly plugs into your current website, leveraging your existing shopping cart. Integration is a breeze with a one-click process for Shopify or Magento Open Source companies, while all others can quickly add two lines of JavaScript onto their site. With Loup, your setup is streamlined so you can devote more time to enhancing your customers' shopping experience.
  • Unlocking Customer Potential: The Power of Live Events: One of the standout features of Loup is its ability to transform live event attendees into loyal customers. Instead of tirelessly chasing potential customers across third-party apps every time you go live, Loup ensures that your live event attendees become YOUR customers. You have the freedom and ease to retarget and nurture previous event viewers through your owned channels - like email, SMS and push. It's about attracting new customers and converting engaged viewers into lifelong customers effortlessly.
  • Seamless Social Media Broadcasting: Reach the Masses: Expand your reach and captivate your audience effortlessly with Loup's seamless social media broadcasting capabilities. With just a few clicks, you can broadcast your content simultaneously across all your favorite social media channels. Engage your audience on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and more. Loup empowers you to maximize your brand's visibility and drive meaningful engagement.
Additional Features of Loup
  1. Transform Videos into Captivating Shopping Destinations: Loup goes beyond traditional video marketing by transforming your existing videos into captivating shopping destinations on your website. It's as simple as uploading videos directly from 3rd-party platforms like YouTube, Tiktok, and Instagram. Enhance your customers' shopping experience by seamlessly integrating engaging videos that inspire them to take action.
  2. Dynamic Video Placements for Enhanced Engagement: With Loup, you have the flexibility to place videos and past events dynamically throughout your website. Add them to the end of your product image carousel, create eye-catching dynamic banners, or incorporate a Picture in Picture feature on any page you choose. By providing easy access to relevant and informative videos, you empower your customers with the knowledge they need to make confident purchase decisions.
  3. Analytic Dashboards for Informed Decision-Making: Make data-driven decisions with Loup's comprehensive analytic dashboards. Track essential metrics such as new customers, revenue, and average order value. Gain valuable insights into the performance of your promotional channels, from RSVPs to revenue. By harnessing the power of analytics, you can optimize your marketing strategies and achieve remarkable results.
  4. Personalized Video Recommendations: Loup's Recommendation Engine takes personalization to the next level. It optimizes the videos shown to your customers based on 27 factors, increasing the likelihood of purchases. By analyzing customer behavior, preferences, and browsing patterns, Loup ensures that each customer is presented with personalized and relevant video content, enhancing engagement and driving conversions.
  5. Individual Shopping Sessions for Tailored Experiences: Deliver exceptional customer experiences with Loup's support for individual shopping sessions. Whether you want to offer virtual consultations or provide one-on-one assistance, Loup empowers you to personalize the shopping journey for your customers. By providing tailored support, you can boost customer satisfaction and loyalty. Deliver exceptional customer experiences with Loup's support for individual shopping sessions. Whether you want to offer virtual consultations or provide one-on-one assistance, Loup empowers you to personalize the shopping journey for your customers.

Embrace Loup as your ultimate video shopping solution, seamlessly integrating video marketing into your business. With its user-friendly integration, powerful live stream conversion capabilities, seamless social media broadcasting, and added bonus features, Loup empowers businesses to unlock their video shopping potential. From transforming videos into captivating shopping destinations to leveraging analytics for informed decision-making, Loup offers solutions to increase your revenue and enhance customer engagement. We’re ready to meet and answer any questions you have!